Alleluja! Chrystus Zmartwychwstał!

“Christ conquers evil and death! This joyful message resounds in the heart of the Church these days. Having conquered death, Christ gives infinite life to those who accept Him and believe in Him. His death and resurrection are therefore the foundation of the Church’s faith”
In the Risen One, all life rises from the dead: this is the good news that Christ’s disciples tirelessly bring to the world, above all, through the witness of their own lives. This is the most beautiful gift that our brothers and sisters expect from us this Easter time. Let us therefore be enchanted by Christ’s resurrection, because in the mystery of the resurrection God’s mercy has found its fulfillment. With a heart filled with gratitude to the Lord God for 70 years of existence of the parish of St. Hedwig in Oshawa and sharing the joy of receiving the Blood Relic of St. John Paul II, we will experience the solemn introduction of the relic to our parish community on Divine Mercy Sunday.
I wish that the resurrection of Jesus will be a source of grace and blessings for all parishioners. May His goodness be our support and strength, and His light fill us with hope and deep peace, so that we may be faithful witnesses of Love and joyful preachers of the Gospel.
Saint Hedwig and Saint John Paul II – pray for us
Happy Easter
Fr. Marcin Dzilinski SChr
with the Parish Team

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